Brent Jesiek (bio)

Professor, Engineering Education and Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University

Headshot image of Justin Hess

Justin Hess (bio)

Deputy Director for Research
Assistant Professor, Engineering Education
Purdue University

Headshot of Nael Barakat

Nael Barakat (bio)

Board Member
Professor and Chair
Mechanical Engineering
The University of Texas at Tyler

Headshot of Brock Barry

Brock Barry

Board Member
Professor and Director
Civil Engineering
U.S. Military Academy West Point

Picture of Angela Bielefeldt

Angela Bielefeldt (bio)

Board Member
Civil, Environmental & Architectural  Engineering
University of Colorado Boulder

Headshot of K. N. Gunalan

K. N. Gunalan

Board Member
Senior Vice President

Headshot of Deborah Johnson

Deborah Johnson (bio)

Board Member
Professor Emeritus, Engineering and Society
University of Virginia

Headshot of Bill Lawson

William Lawson

Board Member
(Texas Tech University)

Headshot of Norma Jean Mattei

Norma Jean Mattei (bio)

Board Member
Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of New Orleans

Headshot of Colleen Murphy

Colleen Murphy (bio)

Board Member
Professor, Law, Philosophy, and Political Science
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Headshot of Byron Newberry

Byron Newberry (bio)

Board Member
Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Baylor University

Photo of Monte Phillips

Monte Phillips (bio)

Board Member
Emeritus Professor, Civil Engineering
University of North Dakota

Photo of Mario Ricozzi

Mario Ricozzi (bio)

Board Member
Manager of Design
Greater New Haven Water Pollution Control Authority

Headshot of Greg Soules

Greg Soules (bio)

Board Member
Senior Principal Structural Engineer

Headshot of Joseph Herkert

Joseph Herkert (bio)

Distinguished Life Member
Associate Professor Emeritus
North Carolina State University

Headshot of Michael Loui

Michael Loui (bio)

Distinguished Life Member
Professor Emeritus
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Headshot of Joe Manous

Joe Manous (bio)

Distinguished Life Member
Director, Institute for Water Resources
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Headshot of Tara Hoke

Tara Hoke

Participating Society Representative, ASCE
General Counsel
American Society of Civil Engineers

Headshot of Lawrence Schulze

Lawrence Schulze

Participating Society Representative, ASSE
Associate Professor, Industrial Engineering
University of Houston

Headshot of Larry Smith

Larry Smith (bio)

Participating Society Representative, NCEES
Retired / Consultant

Headshot of Sara Wilson

Sara Wilson (bio)

Participating Society Representative, ASME
Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
The University of Kansas